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Ferrous scrap

Iron and steel scrap, or ferrous scrap, comes many consumer products like automobiles and household appliances to industrial structures and equipment such as buildings, railroads, trains, bridges, ships, and farming equipment. Ferrous scrap is the most recycled material in the world.

Industrial Scrap
Obsolete Scrap

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we inspect the material to Determine how it should be processed. in Some Cases Scrap May be Sorted And Sold Without Further Processing

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The scraps  are fed into massive shredders that quickly break the bulky, mixed quality scrap into small sized pieces or fragments.

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To provide our employees with a safe and superior working environment a spirit of team effort and rewarding them with the courtesy and respect they deserve. To create a relationship with our clients by providing lhem superior services al affordable prices, added value by offering additional services. quality service lo our employee and customers are the building blocks of our business philosophy.
Jan 1 2021