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Syarikat Logam Mahaajaya Sdn Bhd - has been Service for past 16 years since incorporated in 2005. We have grown from a small metal recycling operation and have expanded to three scrap metal recycling locations in Malaysia, Brunel and India

We service a range of business Malaysia wide growth large and small. The Management and staff at Syarikat Logam Mahaajaya Sdn Bhd are dedicated to the continues improvement of our Business.





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We take pride in our skills and have a lot of attention to detail with help from our high end machinery and quality materials


LME & Pricing

LME pricing is based on futures contracts: LME pricing is based on futures contracts, which are agreements to buy or sell a certain amount of metal at a predetermined price and date in the future. These contracts are traded on the LME, and the prices are set by supply and demand in the market.From the perspective of metal producers and consumers, LME pricing is a way to ensure stability and transparency in the market.

By establishing a benchmark price for metals, LME pricing helps to reduce price volatility and provides a fair price for both buyers and sellers. For investors and traders, LME pricing provides an opportunity to speculate on the price of metals and make a profit.

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Cusromer Clearences

Customs clearance is the process of declaring goods to Customs authorities when entering or leaving a country. Individuals or businesses can do this. Goods subject to customs clearance include items that are being imported or exported, as well as personal effects and commercial shipments.

The purpose of customs clearance is to ensure that all applicable import duties and taxes are paid and that goods comply with all relevant regulations. To clear customs, businesses or individuals must provide detailed information about the shipment, including its value, origin, destination, and contents.

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Metals are materials which are used extensively in countless industrial sectors, from building to the car industry. That’s why its supply, and therefore its logistics, are of vital importance in our society.

Our extensive experience in transporting metals means that we can provide efficient and high value services for companies in the metalworking industry. At Bilogistik we offer you an integral logistics service, covering every stage in the supply chain and completely adapted to the specific needs of your goods, guaranteeing efficiency and visibility in every process.

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With such a vast selection of materials to choose from, it’s important that you select one that is right for your heavy machining equipment part. Each material has a list of pros and cons that come along with them, ranging from price to strength and durability. So, how do you know which material is right for your part? Learn more about the most widely-used materials below.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing all your precision CNC machining needs is the mere “price” of owning, operating and housing the equipment. This particular machining equipment can be very expensive to own and operate, starting with the purchase and maintenance of a company-owned machine to paying a trained CNC machinist to operate it.

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Scrap Collection

Obsolete scrap

From auto wreckers, demolition contractors, railroads, busses and others, including anyone's metallic maintenance scrap, and from smaller scrap yards who generate obsolete steel and iron scrap. Prices paid for scrap metals, on a delivered basis, are determined primarily by the market demand and the composition, quality, size and weight of the materials.

General contracting, often referred to as a traditional delivery system, allows the owner to engage with the architect/engineer to prepare the design of the entire project. Upon design completion, the project scope is competitively bid to a construction firm for a fixed construction works.Yellow Hats has full service renovation expertise team.

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BENEFITS OF RECYCLING A steel mill using scrap iron and steel in place of virgin iron ore to make a new product gives the public outstanding value. The new product is comparable in performance to a similar product made from virgin iron ore and its manufacturing process offers fewer risks to the environment. Recycling conserves ever-diminishing landfill space and the surface biodiversity destroyed in mining of new raw materials from the ground.

It closes the resources loop ensuing valuable resources are not lost but are put to back into goods use. The metals made from these "secondary resources" then make much less impact in the remanufacturing process the second time around. Recycling is a true example of a sustainable' industry a concept fundamental to our society's drive to reduce its environmental impact on the planet.

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